Online Meetings Software and Services

In a business that involves multiple locations and team members who are remote, it’s impractical to have everyone in one room for meetings. Online video conference software permits coworkers to be connected via virtual clients to share virtual presentations, webinars, or business calls. The most effective online video conferencing software goes beyond the standard video chat with whiteboarding and direct collaboration tools to help participants engage in online meetings like they would face to face. Calendar integrations and the option to record the video for later usage are also useful features.

When selecting an online conferencing program, businesses must consider the features and costs to ensure they receive the best value for their dollars. Some video conferencing software on the internet cost per user, and others are free. Users should also be aware of any additional charges, such as storage space or subscriptions.

A great way to test out an online video conferencing program is to sign up for a demo or trial. This will allow users to see how well the platform integrates with their favorite tools, like project management apps or calendars. It is also important to test the program’s performance and stability. A high-performing online video conference program will have a solid uptime history and 24/7 support.

Gatheround is an online-based meeting program that encourages team bonding and interaction through customizable templates and games to break the ice. Its unique feature, member-matches, couples attendees to facilitate interaction and prevent people from feeling alone or ostracized of the group.