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femfreshTM daily intimate powder

Take your comfort to a new level with femfresh™ daily intimate powder.

Absorb moisture after cleansing intimate skin with this specially de-signed, perfectly pH-balanced intimate powder. The delicately scented and delicate formula gives you an extra level of comfort and freshness.

  • Made with corn starch
  • Suitable for intimate feminine use
  • Gentle formula and delicate scent
  • Helps you stay dry and fresh
  • Dermatologically & Gynaecologically tested

Apply daily after bath or shower to absorb residual moisture and leave you feeling more comfortable.

Zea Mays (Corn Starch), Calcium Triphosphate and Fragrance.


When it comes to our skin, we all use different products for different parts of our bodies. Just like shampoo could irritate your face and body lotion may leave your hair feeling less than perfect, using the wrong products on your intimate vulval skin – that protects your vagina – may result in itching or irritation. That’s where intimate skincare can help.

The femfresh™ range is specifically designed to love your bits to bits. It’s a pH-balanced collection with formulas designed to protect your vagina’s natural environment, avoid irritation and leave you feeling pHAB!

Yes. All femfresh™ products are dermatologically and gynaecologically tested by experts. They’re also hypoallergenic, soap free and alcohol free.

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Take your comfort to a new level with femfresh Daily Intimate Powder.

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For freshness that lasts
all day long, spritz
with femfresh
intimate deodorant.