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Intimate wipes vs baby wipes

Wiping your intimate skin regularly is recommended especially after using the bathroom, when you’ve finished a workout, post sex or when you’re on your period.
Aside from making you feel clean and fresh, a frequent wipe will help promote a healthy, bacteria-free intimate area.

But here comes the million-dollar question, “What should I use to wipe when I need more than toilet paper? Baby wipes?”

Our answer is, “preferably not”.
When you need something with a bit more moisture than toilet paper, a natural default can be baby wipes but these often contain strong fragrances that could irritate your intimate skin and cause the exact effects that you were trying to avoid in the first place. Because of these reasons, we recommend leaving baby wipes for babies’ bottoms and instead using a specialised feminine wipe such as, femfresh Freshening & Soothing wipes. Unlike baby wipes, these specially formulated intimate wipes are designed to match the unique pH-balance of intimate adult skin – to keep the skin’s natural balance in check.